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Shannon Investment Management (SIM) is committed to helping people better understand and participate in the financial markets in order to meet their current and long-term financial goals. By de-mystifying the investment process, asset class opportunities, and historic return expectations, the company seeks to build customized, durable, low-fee portfolios to meet client goals within stated risk tolerances.

Unlike many national wealth management firms,

SIM holds strictly to a fiduciary standard for all accounts and consistently works in the client’s best interests. As such, SIM serves as a fee-only advisor—getting paid only on assets under management (not any commission products) and is focused on managing the client’s fee exposure at all levels. Below are articles that touch upon these issues.

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Per 950 MASS. CODE REGS. 12.205(8)(a)2., 12.205(8)(f)-(h): Requiring Investment Advisers Registered in Massachusetts to Provide Clients and Prospective Clients With a Stand-Alone Fee Table, SIM is required to provide a standardized disclosure relating to fees. The Shannon Investment Management Table of Fees for Services link is here.

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