Investment Management

Guiding You Through Investment Opportunities in the Market

Investing in the Markets Can Seem Overwhelming

Through the years, individuals have had to endure the disappearance of traditional pension plans (as well as similar defined-benefit programs) and a growing concern over the viability of the Social Security trust fund. Consequently, individuals and families are increasingly responsible for establishing, building, and investing their own “nest eggs.”

At the same time, people now need to consider higher costs of living, employment uncertainty, and longer life spans. To complicate matters, the recent financial crisis has led to unmatched stimulus programs, historically-low interest rates, market uncertainty, and the proliferation of investment products and structures—all arising out of the search for increasingly scarce yield and investment income.

Unfortunately, as difficult as it may be to establish a well-thought-out investment program, it can often be even more difficult to stick with the plan. Shannon Investment Management serves as a guide to help build and maintain a customized and appropriate investment plan.

A More Thoughtful Approach to Portfolio Structuring


Having a better understanding of market risks—as well as the opportunities—will allow for the construction of risk-appropriate portfolios that can help you endure the markets throughout uncertain times.


Chasing investment fads or last year's winners will ultimately disappoint and cost you a lot of money. Well-diversified core holdings that are strategically targeted and rebalanced provide a more thoughtful approach.


Increasingly, active investment management has lagged market indices. While periodic outperformance will emerge, managers repeatedly beating the market are rare—and finding them in advance, even more so.


Investors need to be mindful of fees at the advisor level, asset manager level, and trading level. Consistent attention to fees and expenses helps keep more of the money working for you and towards the goal.

Rationalizing Investment Management